Commitment to Economic Justice

The Northeast Economic Development Association is alarmed and deeply troubled by the brutal murder of George Floyd, committed and witnessed by law enforcement sworn to protect and serve. We mourn with Mr. Floyd’s family, together with Mr. Arbery's and Ms. Taylor’s families, and with all of the families who’ve lost loved ones to the injustice of racism in America. NEDA unequivocally rejects racism in all forms, and we add our voices to those calling for substantial law enforcement reforms and the dismantling of the systemic and institutionalized racism that has existed for generations in this country.

We reside and work in our cities, towns and villages, and we support the many peaceful protests taking place across our region where anguished voices are being heard, and community ties and bonds of trust are being both forged, and tested. The Northeast Region has thousands of dedicated volunteers and professionals in community and economic development, and you are needed now more than ever before. Our communities need healing, reimagining and rebuilding – a transformation we are uniquely positioned for. Our ability to inspire change through economic opportunity, however, is directly related to how strong our ties are with our communities. There will be difficult and painful issues to deal with, and we will need to rise to meet both opportunities and challenges.

At NEDA, our goal has always been to Connect, Inform and Inspire. To do our work effectively in 2020 and beyond, we are taking these missions to heart and will be taking the following actions.


  • Reach out to our diverse population of economic developers, seeking fresh voices for our Board and Committees.
  • Partner with like-minded organizations, committed to inclusive and equitable communities.
  • Expand the NEDA Job Board to reach the next generation of economic and community developers, through colleges and universities.


  • Focus our September NEDA webinar on the recovery of businesses from COVID-19, particularly businesses owned by women and people of color, as they have been disproportionately affected by the impacts.
  • Develop more content and programming on closing the persistent “wealth divide” between white households and households of color, and make this a priority for broader economic policy.


  • Advocate on behalf of and within the economic development profession to be more inclusive, and make the connections needed to be a resource for community and economic developers working to advance diversity within our ranks.

NEDA will continue to serve you and to advance community and economic development in the Northeast Region. We ask for your knowledge, leadership, and contributions. Join NEDA as we connect, inform and inspire, and make a positive difference for tomorrow and beyond.